Froetek SA in the 41st annual Surfers Challenge

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Froetek SA in the 41st annual Surfers Challenge

Froetek SA will again take part in the 41st annual Surfers Challenge to raise funds for CHOC

Froetek teamFroetek SA has brought together a team that will take part again in the 41st annual Surfers Challenge run. This 17.5km race starts at the mouth of the Kwelera River at Yellow Sands north of East London. Competitors then follow a rugged seaside course over loose boulders, gullies, and soft sand on the way past Rainbow Valley resort before they encounter their first major obstacle, the Gonubie River.

After taking a plunge in the sometimes icy waters, a short run on the Gonubie Beach takes the runners past the car park and hotel for the relatively flat 5km chase along the coast-hugging tar road to Eastward Ho. From there it is back to the beach as runners plod their way through shingle to the firmer sand of Bonza Bay Beach and the last stretch before the final hurdle – the Nahoon River. Once across the Nahoon River, there is a 400 meter scramble to the finish in front of the Nahoon lifesaver’s complex.

Werner Bendisch of Froetek explains that their fundraising target in aid of CHOC is R6 000 or more by Mandela Day in July. If you want more details please contact the East London regional office.