About us



Childhood Cancer is a life changing , traumatic experience. We exist to serve and support the children, parents, families and communities through their cancer journey to keep more than hope alive.

CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation was established in 1979 by parents of children with cancer. Having experienced the immense emotional and financial toll that cancer takes they recognised there is more than one victim in the family of a child with cancer, and they bound together to support each other, children with cancer and their loved ones. Their aim was to ease the burden on parents and families facing the same journey by providing access to relevant, accurate information, as well as emotional and practical support.

CHOC is the only organisation in South Africa that provides comprehensive countrywide support for children with cancer, life-threatening blood disorders and their families. We have a national office in Johannesburg, six regional offices, one branch, and 12 accommodation facilities close to treatment centres. CHOC relies on corporate sponsors and donations from groups or individuals wanting to make a difference in the lives of children with cancer.

Our comprehensive support improves the well-being and quality of care to children and teenagers with cancer and life-threatening blood disorders through a wide range of services and support. This includes counselling, emotional support, accommodation close to treatment centres, transport to and from treatment centres, support groups (including parent support), interactive ward activities and other activities run by volunteers, transport grants to ensure every child and caregiver can return for treatment and food support. In addition, CHOC as the leading childhood cancer organisation in South Africa plays a crucial advocacy role through campaigns, alliances, government task teams and lobbying.

Yet another key programme is our Awareness Training programme in which we train and educate healthcare professionals, healthcare workers and traditional practitioners on the early warning signs of childhood cancer, the referral process and other essential childhood cancer information, to promote early detection. These are our core programmes. In addition to these CHOC also offers a range of other support services including recreational activities, support of medical staff, funding the South Africa Childrens Tumour Registry, and ward comforts.

All our services are offered free of charge.