Support CHOC



We are a Non-Profit Organisation and rely on funds donated by individuals, companies, trusts and foundations. We also host a number of fundraising projects and events to accrue further funding.

Without CHOC, many children – particularly those from low-income households living far from treatment centres – would not adhere to the necessary but arduous treatment path.

CHOC has a proven ability to deliver sustainable solutions effectively and is an established brand endorsed by specialists. Our reporting on expenditure is detailed, accurate and we provide audited financial statements annually. We have demontrated visible growth and have proved that we deliver results.

Benefits to donors

Cash donations qualify for a tax deduction and CHOC will issue the relevant documentation to donors within a four-week period. The donation of services or donations of any reciprocal nature do not qualify for a tax deduction. To download a Section18A request form, please click here.


SED certification

All cash donations made to CHOC qualify as a Social Economic Development assistance as defined by the BEE Codes of Good Practice. Click here to view our BEE status and click here for independent verification of our beneficiary profile. CHOC has a SED certificate which has been assessed and certified by an independent auditor.