Cancer in

Around 150 per million children worldwide are diagnosed with cancer before the age of 15. Partly due to lack of knowledge, of those diagnosed most are in late stages, which leads to longer treatment, more disabilities and a lower survival rate. This can drastically improve with more knowledge shared about the disease.

Types of Teenage Cancers

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CHOC and STA Teens Cancer Project.

CHOC has partnered with STA Travel on a teens project.The purpose of this project is to create cancer awareness with a long term focus on teens aged 13 to 18 years and raise funds to ensure that CHOC continuasly provides comprehensive support to teenagers with cancer and their families as well as teen survivors.

Young People’s Stories

Life is not always easy. Sometimes it feels unfair. You might be asking yourself “why is this happening to me?” but sometimes, things happen for no reason that we can see, that’s just how life is. We all have good times and difficult times. All these times do pass. The difficult times are soon forgotten when you find something better, but they will always be there to show you how you have overcome the challenges.

You are stronger than you think. You can overcome more challenges than you think. Here are some stories of other teens and young adults who have overcome cancer:


Sarah Stradom – 18 years


Sarah Whitaker – 24 years


David Trupp – 13 years


Thando Ntuli – 18 years