The Financial Impact of COVID-19 on Families

The Financial Impact of COVID-19 on Families in South Africa| CHOC

The Financial Impact of COVID-19 on Families

According to research from consumer credit reporting agency, TransUnion, in April 2020, almost eight in 10 South Africans say their household income has been cut by the Covid-19 pandemic, while one in ten had already lost their jobs. An additional 7 percent of South African adults expect their household income will suffer in the future. Source:

The Financial Impact of COVID-19 on Families in South Africa| CHOC

The Financial Impact of Undergoing Treatment

The diagnosis of cancer in a child is likely to have a dramatic impact on a family’s finances. Medical care today is extremely expensive and the costs of treatment continue to rise. Families might also find that their income is affected by having to take unpaid leave or be away from work for extended periods of time while their child receives treatment.

There are also many hidden costs of treatment, including extra travelling to a hospital far from your home, and possible accommodation and meals for parents while the child is in hospital.

We believe that every person, especially children suffering from cancer and life-threatening blood disorders everywhere, should have access to quality, specialised health services without suffering financial hardship.   

CHOC offers free support to families of children and teens with cancer and life-threatening blood disorders through various programmes. This is all made possible through corporate sponsorship as well as donations from groups and individuals wanting to make a difference in the lives of children with cancer.


Families of children fighting cancer should not have to worry about a place to sleep during their child’s lengthy treatment.

CHOC has 13 home-away-from-home accommodation facilities close to the specialised treatment centres across South Africa to accommodate out-of-town patients and a parent/caregiver during the lengthy cancer treatment phase.

Help CHOC to accommodate children and teenagers with cancer.


No child should be excluded from accessing and adhering to treatment.

Successful treatment of the children requires that they come into the specialised treatment centres many times over a period of up to three or more years. For many families, this obviously imposes a large financial burden. CHOC’s transport programme relieves the financial burden, particularly in the case of low-income families who live far from treatment centres. We offer transportation through a fleet of CHOC vehicles and transport finance assistance to ensure that children complete their treatment cycle.

Help our children who are fighting cancer and need to travel to hospital and home again for life-saving treatment and follow-up visits.

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Contact us to find out more about getting involved with CHOC, or to request more information.

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Your Mental Health Matters

CHOC Mental Health Isolation Blog

Your Mental Health Matters – even more so during Isolation

CHOC Mental Health Isolation Blog

Having a child diagnosed with and treated for cancer sends one on an emotional roller coaster of uncertainty, fear, and anxiety – to mention a few.

The announcement of the national lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic may have created additional stress for your already challenging situation.

If you, or someone you know of, is affected by childhood cancer and in need psychosocial or practical support, please know that CHOC is here for you.

You may be experiencing some of the situations below that could be adding to your stresses and emotions. If you are, it may be a good idea to speak about it to off-load and de-stress.

  • You are already concerned for your child’s well-being and vulnerability and the increased risk of the coronavirus;
  • The uncertain global and national economic situation and its impact on your personal financial circumstances;
  • The isolation you find yourself in as a family because of the lockdown limits access to your normal support structures, increasing your vulnerability for mental health difficulties;
  • Children intuitively feel the stresses their parents carry, and it may be difficult for you to know how to communicate with them to alleviate their fears;
  • It is normal for these to add stress to your close relationships.

The above are but a few of the difficulties the COVID-19 situation places families in. You do not have to carry this on your own…CHOC social workers are here for you.

Request Support from CHOC’s Social Workers

Please click here and complete the form.

One of our CHOC social workers will be in contact with you to see how we can provide assistance or make an appropriate referral. Please also share with any families you know of who are affected by childhood cancer who may need assistance.

At CHOC we aim to provide the best possible support for children with cancer and life-threatening blood disorders, and their families.

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Caring for yourself while on treatment

Caring for yourself while on cancer treatment

Undergoing treatment for cancer can take its toll on your body. That’s why it’s very important to take extra care of yourself during this time. Beside the physical benefit, it can help you feel more in control of your body and how you react to your body’s response to the treatment.Continue reading

Vodacom Super Hero Sunday, 19 January 2020

CHOC Super Hero Sunday Rugby

Vodacom Super Rugby returns with more Marvel magic in 2020

 Inspired by Captain America, Thor, Spider‐Man and Black Panther, South African rugby fields will come to life with more super hero action in 2020 as Vodacom Super Rugby, one of the toughest competitions in the world, continues its collaboration with Marvel.

Playing in their jerseys inspired by the Marvel characters, Captain America (Vodacom Bulls), Thor (DHL Stormers), Spider-Man (Emirates Lions) and Black Panther (Cell C Sharks), will be in action on Sunday, 19 January at FNB Stadium in Johannesburg.

The South African franchises will yet again show their support for the real super heroes of the CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation, with their #TacklingCancer initiative.

Vodacom and SuperSport will jointly donate R100 for every tackle by a South African player during the 2020 Vodacom Super Rugby competition.

Vodacom will have a multitude of out-of-this-world stadium activations involving fans, players and celebrities all aimed at raising even more money for CHOC next season.

“This will be another season in which heroes in all forms will be celebrated – from the rugby players as the heroes on the field, to the fans for their loyal support, and then our real-life heroes from CHOC,” said Abey Mokgwatsane, Vodacom Managing Executive: Brand & Sponsorship.

A number of the Springboks’ Rugby World Cup heroes from Japan will be in attendance at FNB Stadium, where tickets start from just R60, with a special group offer of four tickets for only R200 for a unique experience to watch all four South African teams in action on one day at one venue.

The Cell C Sharks and DHL Stormers will kick off the action at 13h00, followed by the match between the Vodacom Bulls and Emirates Lions at 15h15.

The Vodacom Super Hero Sunday matches will be broadcast live on SuperSport.

To find out more about how CHOC supports children and teens with cancer, and their families, visit

CHOC’s awesome new annual event – Flip Flop Day

CHOC’s Flip Flop Day | 14 February 2020

Time to set your 10 toes free with CHOC’s awesome new annual event – Flip Flop Day.

CHOC’s Flip Flop Day | 14 February 2020

Have a heart and wear a sole!

 Buy a sticker and wear your favourite flip flops

When: 14 February 2020

To buy your stickers: Stickers can be purchased from PNA stores your regional CHOC office.

CHOC Flip Flop Day Logo

Meet Flippie, CHOC’s flip flop mascot for our colourful new annual event – Flip Flop Day. Launching for the first time on 14 February 2020, Flip Flop Day is the chance for us South Africans to do what we do best – rally together behind a cause we believe in. From boardrooms to classrooms, the beaches of Cape Town to the streets of Maboneng, Baardskeerdersbos to Bloemfontein, Hogsback to Houghton… Our aim is to leave no stone unturned in finding supporters who want to set their 10 toes free by paying R10 and flipping on some flops to show their support for this amazing cause. It’s time for all South Africans to have a heart and wear a sole!

The campaign will be supported by PNA Stationers, one of South Africa’s largest and most successful retail stores, selling everything from stationary to art and Craft Materials, Books and Educational Books. The public will be able to pop into any PNA store when buying their back to school stationery, art supplies or books and grab their Flip Flop Day sticker. It’s simply never been easier to make a difference. Stickers can also be purchased from your CHOC regional office. To contact your nearest CHOC office, visit our website for details:

“Flip flops are basically a South African wardrobe pre-requisite. Everyone wears them and everyone loves them,” says Carl Queiros, CEO of CHOC. “The journey that children and teenagers with cancer face is in no way light hearted at all, but creating an annual event like Flip Flop Day that raises money towards childhood cancer awareness, is definitely a time to be joyous and needs a fully loaded feel good factor. We hope to see the public come out in full force, in their flip flops, on 14 February 2020 to show some love for our young ones.”

With the support of every South African, it truly is 10 for 10 with CHOC. Set your 10 toes free with your R10 donation on 14 February 2020 and become one of the CHOC SOLE-diers! We may never be able to walk in the shoes of those fighting childhood cancer, but we can certainly walk in pair of flip flops for a day to show them that we will never back down in the fight against childhood cancer.

To find out more about how CHOC supports children and teens with cancer, and their families, visit

For more information or to purchase your sticker, contact us or pop into your local PNA store.

Want to stickers in bulk for your business or school? Click here to download the order form.

Leave a Lasting Legacy

Leave a Legacy | CHOC Donate

Leave a Lasting Legacy

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” Anne Frank

Your Legacy

A bequest in your Will is one of the most powerful ways for you to support the work of CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA and make a lasting difference to children in South Africa.

Why leave your gift to CHOC?

A bequest to CHOC in your Will proclaims your confidence that we will continue to support the well-being of children and teenagers diagnosed with cancer or life-threatening blood disorders, and their families.

Benefits to you

  • You can have the satisfaction of knowing that your bequest will ensure that every child with cancer is diagnosed early and has access to treatment and support.
  • Leaving a gift to CHOC in your Will qualifies for exemption from tax.

Your Lasting Legacy

Your legacy will enable us to help save lives through early detection and making the journey of those who are affected by childhood cancer, less burdensome through the comprehensive support programmes we offer.

Our Programmes & Services

Professional Emotional Support: Psychosocial Support through a team of qualified social and social auxiliary workers at the paediatric oncology wards.

Emotional Support: Patient, Parental and Family Support in the form of survivor groups, Parent-Supporting-Parent Programmes, Bereavement and Grief Support and CHOC Interactive Learning Programmes in the wards and at the CHOC houses.


CHOC has 13 accommodation facilities close to the treatment centres across the country to accommodate out of town patients and parents/caregivers during the lengthy cancer treatment phase.

Transport Assistance

We have vehicles to provide transport to and from CHOC accommodation facilities to the treatment centres.  Transport funds are also provided to patients and parents/caregivers through the recommendations of a CHOC or hospital social worker to ensure that no child is precluded from accessing and adhering to treatment.

Practical Support

CHOC provides Carebags with information and items of practical use to all newly diagnosed children, teens, parents and their families.  We offer Nutritional Support such as food parcels, as well as Financial Bereavement Support.

General Awareness

Public awareness about CHOC and childhood cancer is carried out in all the regions nationwide through marketing, campaigns and events to promote early detection.

Awareness Training and Education

CHOC trains Healthcare Professionals, Healthcare Workers, Traditional Practitioners and communities on the early warning signs of childhood cancer. The aim is to decrease the mortality and morbidity of children with cancer, to decrease disabilities related to the disease and to increase the survival rate.


CHOC advocates for those affected by childhood cancer and life-threatening blood disorders ensuring that every child and teen diagnosed with cancer have access to specialised treatment centres, specialised life-saving medicines, paediatric palliative care and support.

We advocate that the human rights of childhood cancer survivors are respected. The campaign involves lobbying with government, engaging through the media and meetings with stakeholders and influencers.

Additional Programmes and Services

Recreational Activities

CHOC organises children’s outings and day excursions and works with other like-minded organisations to send children as well as their siblings on camps.

Ward Comforts

We assist with the maintenance, decoration and refurbishments of paediatric oncology wards and treatment centres into cheerful, child friendly environments.

Medical Support

CHOC supports the collection of data to the South African Children’s Tumour Registry to determine the burden for childhood cancer in SA. CHOC also works closely with the South African Children’s Study Group to promote the cause of childhood cancer and the improvement of treatment and care. CHOC supports Healthcare Professionals working in the field of paediatric oncology by supporting learning in conferences, occasional supply of medical equipment, and assisting the medical professionals in various ways to make their jobs easier.

How do I leave a bequest to CHOC?

Your attorney is the best person to advise you on drawing up your Will and how to leave a bequest to CHOC. The bequest may be utilized to fund a specific cause in memory of yourself or a loved one. You can also call or email to let us know of your intentions so that we may recognize and thank you for your valuable support.

Ways to make your bequest

  • A specific sum of money
  • A percentage of your estate
  • A life insurance policy
  • Property which could include real estate, art, antiques, jewellery, vehicles, shares and unit trusts.

Lastly, we encourage you to make contact with us when leaving a gift to CHOC in your Will so that we can thank you and acknowledge you for your kind gesture and for believing in us to keep more than hope alive for children living with cancer.

Contact CHOC in Your Region

To find out more, please contact CHOC in your region:

We value all of your support. To find out more about ways in which you can support CHOC, visit our website.

Donate to CHOC

Donate your Roof

CHOC Donate Your Roof | Solar Energy

CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation has partnered with Emergent Energy to pioneer and offer the first of its kind Charity Rooftop Rentals.   Donate your Roof is an innovative programme aimed at unlocking CSI budgets.  Not only can you bring a solution to South Africa’s energy crisis but you can support CHOC and make a difference in the lives of children and teenagers living with cancer and their families.

How about donating your company’s roof?

If you have roof space, we ask you to consider donating your roof space to our cause.

How does it work?

  1. As a company owner, you can lease your roof to generate and consume solar energy at no cost.  In doing so, you reduce the company’s carbon footprint and green your activity.
  2. Emergent Energy finances, designs and install the Solar PV system.
  3. Emergent Energy pays rental fee to the roof owner.
  4. The rental fee is donated back to CHOC.

To find out more information, visit

To sign up, complete the contact form on or email [email protected].

Benefits for the partnering organisation:

  • No investment required
  • No risks
  • Tax-deductible donation (Section 18A)
  • Reduce your Carbon Tax bill
  • Earn BEE points
  • Enjoy multiple Public Relation benefits
  • Pioneer a new Corporate Social Responsibility model

We value all of your support. To find out more about ways in which you can support CHOC, visit our website.

Who are you wearing the Gold CHOC Ribbon for?

CHOC | Who Are You Wearing Your Ribbon For?
Who Are You Wearing the Gold CHOC Ribbon For?

Who are you wearing the Gold CHOC Ribbon for?

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. To spread awareness about childhood cancer, we want to know who you are going to be wearing your Gold CHOC Ribbon for?

Childhood Cancer is highly curable with survival rates of around 80% in developed countries, yet in low and middle income countries, tens of thousands of children die needlessly every year from the disease – most dying without any effective pain relief. Poor diagnosis, coupled with too few specially trained doctors and nurses and the mistaken belief that child cancer is too difficult to cure, create very low survival rates. 

Be Bold, Go Gold

Join us in spreading awareness about CHOC and Childhood Cancer.

Download the “Who are you wearing the Gold CHOC Ribbon for?” template, write down who you are wearing the gold ribbon for, and share your stories with us on social media.

Buy Your Gold CHOC Ribbon

You can purchase your very own Gold CHOC Ribbon from a region closest to you, or on the CHOC online shop.

Find your closest CHOC region

Buy your Gold Ribbon online

Donor and Volunteer Thank You Tea

Every year CHOC KZN hosts a Thank you tea for our donors and volunteers to express our gratitude for all their help throughout the year. Without the generous support given by you we would not be able to continue the amazing work we do by changing the lives of children and their families who are going through the childhood cancer journey.

This year the tea was a great success and we have set the bar really high for years to come. The event was filled with laughter, wonderful performances and not to forget the great prizes that were won by some of the guests.

A huge thank you goes to the volunteers that helped organised the event and made it one to remember and a special thank you to popular comedian  Mo Vawda for wowing the audience.