CHOC’s awesome new annual event – Flip Flop Day

CHOC’s Flip Flop Day | 14 February 2020

Time to set your 10 toes free with CHOC’s awesome new annual event – Flip Flop Day.

CHOC’s Flip Flop Day | 14 February 2020

Have a heart and wear a sole!

 Buy a sticker and wear your favourite flip flops

When: 14 February 2020

To buy your stickers: Stickers can be purchased from PNA stores your regional CHOC office.

CHOC Flip Flop Day Logo

Meet Flippie, CHOC’s flip flop mascot for our colourful new annual event – Flip Flop Day. Launching for the first time on 14 February 2020, Flip Flop Day is the chance for us South Africans to do what we do best – rally together behind a cause we believe in. From boardrooms to classrooms, the beaches of Cape Town to the streets of Maboneng, Baardskeerdersbos to Bloemfontein, Hogsback to Houghton… Our aim is to leave no stone unturned in finding supporters who want to set their 10 toes free by paying R10 and flipping on some flops to show their support for this amazing cause. It’s time for all South Africans to have a heart and wear a sole!

The campaign will be supported by PNA Stationers, one of South Africa’s largest and most successful retail stores, selling everything from stationary to art and Craft Materials, Books and Educational Books. The public will be able to pop into any PNA store when buying their back to school stationery, art supplies or books and grab their Flip Flop Day sticker. It’s simply never been easier to make a difference. Stickers can also be purchased from your CHOC regional office. To contact your nearest CHOC office, visit our website for details:

“Flip flops are basically a South African wardrobe pre-requisite. Everyone wears them and everyone loves them,” says Carl Queiros, CEO of CHOC. “The journey that children and teenagers with cancer face is in no way light hearted at all, but creating an annual event like Flip Flop Day that raises money towards childhood cancer awareness, is definitely a time to be joyous and needs a fully loaded feel good factor. We hope to see the public come out in full force, in their flip flops, on 14 February 2020 to show some love for our young ones.”

With the support of every South African, it truly is 10 for 10 with CHOC. Set your 10 toes free with your R10 donation on 14 February 2020 and become one of the CHOC SOLE-diers! We may never be able to walk in the shoes of those fighting childhood cancer, but we can certainly walk in pair of flip flops for a day to show them that we will never back down in the fight against childhood cancer.

To find out more about how CHOC supports children and teens with cancer, and their families, visit

For more information or to purchase your sticker, contact us or pop into your local PNA store.

Want to stickers in bulk for your business or school? Click here to download the order form.

Leave a Lasting Legacy

Leave a Legacy | CHOC Donate

Leave a Lasting Legacy

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” Anne Frank

Your Legacy

A bequest in your Will is one of the most powerful ways for you to support the work of CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA and make a lasting difference to children in South Africa.

Why leave your gift to CHOC?

A bequest to CHOC in your Will proclaims your confidence that we will continue to support the well-being of children and teenagers diagnosed with cancer or life-threatening blood disorders, and their families.

Benefits to you

  • You can have the satisfaction of knowing that your bequest will ensure that every child with cancer is diagnosed early and has access to treatment and support.
  • Leaving a gift to CHOC in your Will qualifies for exemption from tax.

Your Lasting Legacy

Your legacy will enable us to help save lives through early detection and making the journey of those who are affected by childhood cancer, less burdensome through the comprehensive support programmes we offer.

Our Programmes & Services

Professional Emotional Support: Psychosocial Support through a team of qualified social and social auxiliary workers at the paediatric oncology wards.

Emotional Support: Patient, Parental and Family Support in the form of survivor groups, Parent-Supporting-Parent Programmes, Bereavement and Grief Support and CHOC Interactive Learning Programmes in the wards and at the CHOC houses.


CHOC has 13 accommodation facilities close to the treatment centres across the country to accommodate out of town patients and parents/caregivers during the lengthy cancer treatment phase.

Transport Assistance

We have vehicles to provide transport to and from CHOC accommodation facilities to the treatment centres.  Transport funds are also provided to patients and parents/caregivers through the recommendations of a CHOC or hospital social worker to ensure that no child is precluded from accessing and adhering to treatment.

Practical Support

CHOC provides Carebags with information and items of practical use to all newly diagnosed children, teens, parents and their families.  We offer Nutritional Support such as food parcels, as well as Financial Bereavement Support.

General Awareness

Public awareness about CHOC and childhood cancer is carried out in all the regions nationwide through marketing, campaigns and events to promote early detection.

Awareness Training and Education

CHOC trains Healthcare Professionals, Healthcare Workers, Traditional Practitioners and communities on the early warning signs of childhood cancer. The aim is to decrease the mortality and morbidity of children with cancer, to decrease disabilities related to the disease and to increase the survival rate.


CHOC advocates for those affected by childhood cancer and life-threatening blood disorders ensuring that every child and teen diagnosed with cancer have access to specialised treatment centres, specialised life-saving medicines, paediatric palliative care and support.

We advocate that the human rights of childhood cancer survivors are respected. The campaign involves lobbying with government, engaging through the media and meetings with stakeholders and influencers.

Additional Programmes and Services

Recreational Activities

CHOC organises children’s outings and day excursions and works with other like-minded organisations to send children as well as their siblings on camps.

Ward Comforts

We assist with the maintenance, decoration and refurbishments of paediatric oncology wards and treatment centres into cheerful, child friendly environments.

Medical Support

CHOC supports the collection of data to the South African Children’s Tumour Registry to determine the burden for childhood cancer in SA. CHOC also works closely with the South African Children’s Study Group to promote the cause of childhood cancer and the improvement of treatment and care. CHOC supports Healthcare Professionals working in the field of paediatric oncology by supporting learning in conferences, occasional supply of medical equipment, and assisting the medical professionals in various ways to make their jobs easier.

How do I leave a bequest to CHOC?

Your attorney is the best person to advise you on drawing up your Will and how to leave a bequest to CHOC. The bequest may be utilized to fund a specific cause in memory of yourself or a loved one. You can also call or email to let us know of your intentions so that we may recognize and thank you for your valuable support.

Ways to make your bequest

  • A specific sum of money
  • A percentage of your estate
  • A life insurance policy
  • Property which could include real estate, art, antiques, jewellery, vehicles, shares and unit trusts.

Lastly, we encourage you to make contact with us when leaving a gift to CHOC in your Will so that we can thank you and acknowledge you for your kind gesture and for believing in us to keep more than hope alive for children living with cancer.

Contact CHOC in Your Region

To find out more, please contact CHOC in your region:

We value all of your support. To find out more about ways in which you can support CHOC, visit our website.

Donate to CHOC

Donate your Roof

CHOC Donate Your Roof | Solar Energy

CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation has partnered with Emergent Energy to pioneer and offer the first of its kind Charity Rooftop Rentals.   Donate your Roof is an innovative programme aimed at unlocking CSI budgets.  Not only can you bring a solution to South Africa’s energy crisis but you can support CHOC and make a difference in the lives of children and teenagers living with cancer and their families.

How about donating your company’s roof?

If you have roof space, we ask you to consider donating your roof space to our cause.

How does it work?

  1. As a company owner, you can lease your roof to generate and consume solar energy at no cost.  In doing so, you reduce the company’s carbon footprint and green your activity.
  2. Emergent Energy finances, designs and install the Solar PV system.
  3. Emergent Energy pays rental fee to the roof owner.
  4. The rental fee is donated back to CHOC.

To find out more information, visit

To sign up, complete the contact form on or email [email protected].

Benefits for the partnering organisation:

  • No investment required
  • No risks
  • Tax-deductible donation (Section 18A)
  • Reduce your Carbon Tax bill
  • Earn BEE points
  • Enjoy multiple Public Relation benefits
  • Pioneer a new Corporate Social Responsibility model

We value all of your support. To find out more about ways in which you can support CHOC, visit our website.

Who are you wearing the Gold CHOC Ribbon for?

CHOC | Who Are You Wearing Your Ribbon For?
Who Are You Wearing the Gold CHOC Ribbon For?

Who are you wearing the Gold CHOC Ribbon for?

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. To spread awareness about childhood cancer, we want to know who you are going to be wearing your Gold CHOC Ribbon for?

Childhood Cancer is highly curable with survival rates of around 80% in developed countries, yet in low and middle income countries, tens of thousands of children die needlessly every year from the disease – most dying without any effective pain relief. Poor diagnosis, coupled with too few specially trained doctors and nurses and the mistaken belief that child cancer is too difficult to cure, create very low survival rates. 

Be Bold, Go Gold

Join us in spreading awareness about CHOC and Childhood Cancer.

Download the “Who are you wearing the Gold CHOC Ribbon for?” template, write down who you are wearing the gold ribbon for, and share your stories with us on social media.

Buy Your Gold CHOC Ribbon

You can purchase your very own Gold CHOC Ribbon from a region closest to you, or on the CHOC online shop.

Find your closest CHOC region

Buy your Gold Ribbon online

Donor and Volunteer Thank You Tea

Every year CHOC KZN hosts a Thank you tea for our donors and volunteers to express our gratitude for all their help throughout the year. Without the generous support given by you we would not be able to continue the amazing work we do by changing the lives of children and their families who are going through the childhood cancer journey.

This year the tea was a great success and we have set the bar really high for years to come. The event was filled with laughter, wonderful performances and not to forget the great prizes that were won by some of the guests.

A huge thank you goes to the volunteers that helped organised the event and made it one to remember and a special thank you to popular comedian  Mo Vawda for wowing the audience.

A Ribbon to you is hope for them- Give Hope, Go Gold!

Ribbon To You Hope To Them

September is the gold ribbon month – marked as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. The year 2018 marks a 100 years since the birth of our country’s greatest leader, Nelson Mandela. In celebrating his centenary this September, CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA is encouraging all South Africans to continue his legacy of giving hope. “Give Hope, Go Gold” by purchasing the gold satin ribbon which symbolises support for children with cancer, temporary tattoos and other gold merchandise from the online CHOC Store or nearest CHOC offices. The ribbon is to be worn throughout the month of September. This will go a long way in highlighting the disease and give hope to those battling cancer around the world.

CHOC, along with its ambassadors Anga Makubalo, Kenneth Nkosi, Romina Armellini and Phumeza Mdabe will be visiting schools, corporates, radio and television stations around the country to educate the public about childhood cancer and the early warning signs thereof. Join in the fun to paint South Africa gold to give hope to our children.

“Children are our greatest treasure”, Nelson Mandela.

Sadly, according to Childhood Cancer International,  childhood cancer continues to be the leading cause of non-communicable related death in children throughout the world. Globally, more than 300,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year with about 1,000 new cases in South Africa alone. This means that this year , globally, 300,000 parents across all ages, ethnic groups and socio-economic conditions will be hearing the words “your child has cancer”.

Many childhood cancers have high survival rates when diagnosed early. Unfortunately, in South Africa childhood cancers are sometimes picked-up very late or misdiagnosed, meaning that the survival and recovery rate in South Africa is much lower than in developed countries.

Nompilo Jalubane, is a 24 year old mother from Kwa-Zulu Natal who went back and forth to healthcare facilities with her then five year old daughter Mbalenhle. “I did not know children could get cancer. When her left eye got swollen in June 2016, I took her to the clinic every month, but was always given Panado until I argued with the nurses that the Panado was not changing her condition. They told me they knew what they were doing, but I insisted on seeing someone senior who assisted me with a referral letter to Inkosi Albert Luthuli Hospital, where it was found that she had eye cancer, and her eye was so badly damaged it had to be removed. Her brain was also damaged and she was admitted to  ICU having difficulty in breathing, “ shares Nompilo.

The encouraging news is that childhood cancer is mostly curable with the overall survival rate reaching between 70% and 80% in developed countries, whereas in South Africa the rate of recorded cases  is only at about 55% – mainly due to lack of awareness and late diagnosis. Early diagnosis is critical and can only be achieved through creating awareness about childhood cancer not only to parents but also communities and health care systems, which is why CHOC has an extensive and national awareness programme

The early warning signs of childhood cancer are on our website and also in leaflets available from CHOC. CHOC’s Awareness Programme trains healthcare workers, traditional healers, and communities in detecting these vital early warning signs.   To date CHOC has trained 22,041 people since the CHOC awareness training and education programme started in 2011.

Support Childhood Cancer Month – ‘Give Hope, Go gold’ so the future of South Africa our precious children is not to be compromised. For more information about CHOC, join the CHOC Facebook page –

Psychosocial Team have a huge Impact

No Parent is ready to hear, “Your child has cancer”.  It is one of the single most overwhelming experiences one can possibly face.  You feel completely alone and lost. The CHOC Psychosocial Team helps make the journey more bearable and less frightening.

The CHOC Psychosocial Team is reaching new heights! A year and a half ago CHOC had social workers/counsellors in five paediatric oncology units. At the end of last year the team increased to seven social workers/counsellors and two social auxiliary workers providing services to nine paediatric oncology units in five regions!

The value of the CHOC psychosocial services lies in the team functioning “on the floor” creating the opportunity for supportive relationships to be formed from the time of diagnosis through the treatment process and thereafter, whether it means a cure or end-of-life and bereavement support.

Two years ago, the CHOC psychosocial team had around 9,000 contacts in a year with the children, teens and their families. Contacts include, assisting the medical team in the breaking of bad news, orientating patients and their families in the treatment unit, ongoing counselling, preparing children and parents for medical treatment procedures, end-of-life care and bereavement support – or any services provided directly to children and family members by the psychosocial team. In the last year this number has increased to as an estimated 17,000; with the number of beneficiaries receiving psychosocial support nearly doubling!

CHOC has now received new requests for psychosocial support services at  three other paediatric oncology units: Dr. George Mukhari Academic Hospital (north of Pretoria), Polokwane Provincial Hospital; and Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital (in Cape Town).  This is over and above the nine we are currently servicing.

We are extremely pleased to see the growth an expansion of the psychosocial programme because we know the significant difference it makes to the children, teens parents and family members. We are humbled that we can  touch the lives of almost every child with cancer and their family treated in these units!

First of its kind in Africa!

Childhood Cancer International

As part of our CCI (Childhood Cancer International) Africa Anchor role, CHOC is proud to have hosted and co-sponsored the first of its kind, CCI Africa Regional Workshop. Leaders from nine different African countries (South Africa, Ethiopia, Morocco, Ghana, Nigeria, Botswana, Uganda, Egypt, and Zimbabwe) came together to further strengthen CCI and the cause of childhood cancer in Africa, develop strategic priorities  for CCI Africa, form a CCI Africa Regional Committee, set up mechanisms for sharing knowledge and experiences between groups and identify and leverage growth opportunities for CCI members in Africa.

With the lack of awareness, poor diagnosis, a severe shortage of treatment and drugs, childhood cancer is a huge problem in Africa. Many children and teens suffer and die needlessly. It is vital that we  form a group of committed people from a range of organisations who will work together as a CCI Africa, and network with other entities addressing this issue (the medical fraternity, government, pharmaceutical and other companies, and civil society),“ says Carl Queiros the CHOC CEO, and newly elected Chairman of the CCI Africa Regional Committee.

The workshop took place in May, 2018, in Johannesburg and  was co-sponsored by CHOC and the American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO). CCI Africa represents 27 countries in Africa  – members in 24 countries and partner organisations in three other countries. The CCI Africa Regional Committee  includes Daniel McKenzie of Kidzcan Children Cancer Relief Organisation, Zimbabwe as the vice chair, Brian Walusimbi  of Bless a Child Foundation, Uganda;  Prof Yasser Sadek of the Alexandria Group of Childhood Cancer Care, Egypt; Dr Ihesinachi Kalagbor of Simara Children Cancer Foundation, Nigeria; Dr John Ahenkorah of Ghana Parents Association for Childhood Cancer, and Sidney Chahonyo of Hope for Cancer Kids, Kenya.

In addition, three task teams were also formed around  of Advocacy and Awareness; Supportive and Palliative Care; and Business Development (fundraising).

For more information about CCI and our Africa members , please visit the CCI website  (go to the Africa Region under Global Network)

CHOC Top Charity at Comrades!

CHOC was one of the official race charities for Comrades Marathon 2018 and the overwhelming support exceeded all expectations for our iconic charity as we raised nearly R1.6 million for childhood cancer!

This year 260 runners took on the ultimate human race in the traditional black and white colours and cow print of The CHOC Cows, and the amount of money that the runners raised was overwhelming. Apart from the funds raised, the impact the event made for our charity and the cause of fighting childhood cancer was incredible.

Capetonian Axel Rittershaus, the highest-fund-raising CHOC Cow raised a phenomenal R79 943,83! For raising the most money, Axel was awarded a framed Cow for his incredible efforts when he collected his special race pack at the registration.

Thank you!

We could not have achieved any of this without our wonderful runners and their supportive families and friends, our amazing and super-enthusiastic volunteers who assisted at the Expo as well as at the two support stations on race day, and especially without the support and hard work of Cow Committee members and CHOC staff.

A huge thank you to the Comrades Committee for giving CHOC the opportunity of a lifetime. See you in 2019!

Brand New CHOC Homes

CHOC proudly has thirteen accommodation facilities across the country. Our two latest additions are pictured above. On the left is the new CHOC House in Sybrand Park, Cape Town; and on the right the new CHOC House in Centurion. In Cape Town, CHOC had a house in Bergvliet (as well as in Plumbstead and at Tygerberg Hospital). However, as we needed larger office space for the CHOC Western Cape office, and as we needed a property closer to Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital and Groote Schuur Hospital, we sold in Bergvliet and bought a house in Sybrand Park (which is within walking distance from Red Cross). The house was officially opened by our Chairman, Nagm Azar and the Regional Manager of the Western Cape and Namakwa, Lynette Muthuray, at a House Warming Ceremony, on the 12th of July 2018.


CHOC House Pretoria provided 8 beds and 2,386 bed nights in 2017 for children, teens and care givers. Due to the significant increase in demand for accommodation, the 3 bedroom CHOC house in Pretoria became very limited and a bigger house was urgently required. Though the sale of our previous property and  the generous support of Clover Nutrikids, we are currently in the process of relocating to a new premises that will offer a lot more space to accommodate our beneficiaries, as well a larger office and storage space. The new premises is a 6 bedroom house situated in Lyttelton Manor (Centurion) – very close to Unitas Hospital . Most of  the children and parents that stay with us are treated at Unitas, and a significant portion also come from Steve Biko Hospital (Pretoria). The official house opening will be done by CHOC and Clover South Africa at the end of September. A big thank you to Clover for all of your support – not just for this house, but for the many you have assisted us purchasing over the years!!!