POSITION: HOUSE SUPERVISOR (this is a live in position) 



START DATE: 1 December 2023 

Main Purpose: To supervise the support given to patients and their parents/caregivers at the CHOC House, manage the house and its facilities and liaise with the Psychosocial Staff. 


  1. Supervision of House staff To ensure that all contracts are signed by both house and casual staff where needed and that staff are aware of the applicable policies and procedures relevant to accommodation. 
  2. To develop monthly timetable for weekend shifts of relief staff at the CHOC House. 
  3. To oversee leave of staff and ensure appropriate plans have been put in place to ensure the daily running of the house. 
  4. To submit accurate overtime/relief sheets on time to the Regional Manager. 
  5. To ensure that the house staff are performing their tasks and responsibilities and report any issues to the Regional Manager. 
  6. CHOC House To supervise patient admissions to the house in conjunction with the relevant hospital and CHOC staff. 
  7. To ensure that the CHOC house policy and house admission rules are adhered to. 
  8. To supervise the effective day-to-day running of the house. 
  9. To support and assist the children and caregivers where required. 
  10. To plan a weekly menu, and that nutrition meals for the children and parents/caregivers is prepared by the House Support Assistant and in her absence the House Supervisor. 
  11. To oversee maintenance issues at the CHOC House and to ensure that problems are being recorded and fixed timeously. 
  12. To ensure a clean, safe, and tidy garden and vehicles. 
  13. To transport children and parents to and from treatment centre as and when required 
  14. To assist patients and their parents/caregivers with their return-home requirements, as well as any arrangements that need to be made for various procedures of the child. 
  15. To be available for emergencies on a 24-hour basis when on duty. 
  16. To hold weekly meetings with the parents staying at the house and submit the minutes timeously to the Regional Manager. 
  17. To meet regularly with house staff to iron out any challenges. 
  18. To ensure that the donation storeroom is kept neat. 
  19. To ensure that house inventories are kept up to date. 
  20. To oversee the food storeroom, check expiration dates and to update the food inventory timeously. 
  21. To ensure compliance with all Health and Safety aspects at the House. 
  22. To accept in-kind donations relevant to the house as per the region’s GIK process in conjunction with the Regional Coordinator. 
  23. To ensure that the GIK record form of received donations is submitted to the Regional Administrator to proceed with the thank you letters. 
  24. To arrange weekly interactive programme for the children and their caregivers who are staying at the house and to be actively engaging with the house occupants. 
  25. To arrange skill workshops to be done with the parents. 
  26. To arrange house volunteers to do activities with the children. 
  27. To plan and arrange outings for parents and children with the permission obtained from the Paediatric Oncology Unit. 
  28. To ensure the house and garden is always in a well-presented condition for visitors show around. 
  29. Weekly or monthly grocery shopping 
  30. Prepare once a week RC morning tea sandwiches 
  31. Report incidents to RM 
  • Events and Function 
  • To assist in organising any event as requested 
  • To buy refreshments or food for events or office meetings 
  • To prepare the boardroom for upcoming meetings with visitors. 
  1. Finances and Administration To maintain financial record keeping regarding the House purchases. 
  2. To administer transport funds. 
  3. To assist with recording of donations in kind that is received at the office. 
  4. To regularly update the house occupant’s information to the Accommodation service on Salesforce. 
  5. To compile statistical records of bed occupancy, vehicle reports and submit to the Regional Manager and Regional Coordinator. 
  6. To coordinate volunteer and/or donor visits to the CHOC House 
  7. To coordinate all meetings in terms of logistics and catering at the CHOC House. 
  8. To maintain the asset, register for the House. 
  9. To assist with CHOC programmes as requested by the Regional Manager. 

Qualification: Minimum of Grade 12 and a qualification as a Social Auxiliary Worker or as a Child and Youth Care Worker will be an advantage 

Experience: Minimum of 2years Experience in caring for people compromised by illness, previous experience as a House Supervisor/Mother would be an advantage. 

Additional Training: Above average computer literacy (MS Office) + CRM database and good administrative skills as well as CPR and/or first aid. 

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