CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA once again called  on all South Africans to “Have a Heart for Children with Cancer” on 15 February 2018. International Childhood Cancer Day (ICC) is a global collaborative initiative to raise awareness of childhood cancer and to express support for children with cancer, survivors and their families.

In developed countries, childhood cancer has become largely curable with the overall survival rate reaching between 70% and 80% whereas in South Africa the rate is approximately 55%. CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA aims to improve this rate by creating awareness of the early warning signs of childhood cancer.   Early detection of childhood cancer affords early diagnosis enabling a better chance of being cured and an increase in the survival rate.

In support of ICCD, CHOC  called  on schools, corporates and community groups to join our CHOC Celebrities and CHOC Ambassadors such Phumeza Mdabe, Jessica Nkosi, Romina Armellini, Anga Makubalo, Maurice Paige and Kenneth Nkosi to wear blue with the ICCD badge or heart pin on 15 February. In addition to wearing blue, members of the public could buy a loved one a delicious heart-shaped chocolate or a trendy “have a heart for children with cancer badge” or heart pin for Valentine’s Day.

CHOC Western Cape Region once again received wonderful support during the run up to and on International Childhood Cancer Day.We would like to thank all schools, religious institutions, companies and members of the public for the great support and for helping CHOC in keeping more than hope alive.

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