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In order to address the main challenges facing childhood cancer in South Africa – mainly a lack of awareness of childhood cancer resulting in late or non-diagnosis as well as insufficient resources allocated to fighting childhood cancer – CHOC has a nationwide and comprehensive collaboration and advocacy campaign.

The campaign involves lobbying with government, engaging through the media and meeting with key stakeholders and influencers.

  • CHOC advocates for those whose lives have been affected by childhood cancer, ensuring that every child diagnosed with cancer has access to specialised treatment centres, specialised life-saving medicines, paediatric palliative care and support.
  • In addition, CHOC advocates for the smooth reintegration of children and teens living with cancer back into society after treatment, as well as to ensure that all their human rights are respected.
  • Furthermore, CHOC demystifies the stigma of childhood cancers through awareness campaigns and creates a platform for dialogues between like-minded organisations and communities to advocate for the most vulnerable in society.
  • CHOC works closely with the South African Children’s Study Group (SACCSG) (which is the association of paediatric and haematology doctors in South Africa) to promote the cause of childhood cancer and the improvement of treatment and care.
  • We provide financial support to the SACCSG’s South African Children’s Tumour Registry (SACTR) which has led to more up-to-date national data and a greater understanding of the childhood cancer burden in South Africa.
  • We are also in support of Section 27 which advocates fixing the Patent Laws so that essential medicines are accessible to all childhood cancer patients.
  • CHOC continues to work in collaboration with a number of alliances, networks, like-minded non-profit organisations and government departments to influence and lobby for policies relevant to childhood cancer.
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