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CHOC Child or Tween Referral Pathways

The process to follow should you notice any of the following CHOC Early Warning Signs in a child or teenager

You have noticed a possible early warning sign of childhood cancer in a child……

What now???

Step 1:

Call the CHOC helpline

0800 333 555 (during office hours)

Step 3:

I have an appointment with a paediatric oncologist. What documentation / reports do I need to take with to the first visit? 

Step 4:

I am a non-SA citizen? My child has been diagnosed with cancer or a life-threatening blood disorder and I wish for my child to be treated in SA.

To secure an appointment with a paediatric oncologist,  either call the CHOC Helpline (Step 1) or call a Paediatric Oncology Unit (Step 2). Remember to take the necessary documentation with you as indicated in Step 3.  

Knowing of a child or a teenager treated for cancer or a life-threatening blood disorder and / or  the family who needs help?

For us to be of best assistance to this  family, please provide us with the following information:



    Contact details:

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