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Hey! I’m Keemo.

I’m a calf and I love spending time with my friends and playing games and sport. Come on over to my corner and let’s find out more together.


CHOC Keemos Corner

Who is Keemo?

Keemo is a calf and is 14 years old. He loves spending time with his friends, going to mooovies and playing sport. His favourite sport is soccer (like his dad) and he can often be seen cycling with his parents on weekends. He enjoys the 947 Cycle Challenge where he cycles with his parents as part of the CHOC Cows team.

When he grows up, Keemo would like to be a doctor. His hero is Professor Horace Horzowsky; the paediatric oncologist who treated him.

The impact of cancer on Keemo’s life

As a cancer survivor, Keemo is committed to helping other children who also have cancer. Keemo survived because his cancer was diagnosed early and he received the correct treatment at the academic hospital close to where he lives.

About Keemo

Keemo’s role with CHOC

Keemo assists CHOC with their Awareness Programme by:
Keemo offers practical support to children with cancer by visiting the wards and speaking to the children about:

He also encourages the children to return to the hospital for follow-up treatment.

A brief history of Keemo

Keemo was born on a cold winter’s day in the year 2000. His parents are Thandi and Mfundisi. In 2006, at the age of six and a half, Keemo was diagnosed with cancer. Happily, with good treatment by a specialised paediatric oncologist and the support of CHOC, Keemo is now fully recovered and is a survivor.

Keemo’s mother, Thandi
Due to her experience with Keemo’s illness, Thandi volunteers at the local paediatric ward once a week, assisting the medical staff and supporting other parents whose children have been diagnosed with childhood cancer.

Keemo’s dad, Mfundisi
Mfundisi is a teacher and a keen sportsman. His son’s illness also had a profound impact on him and he has become a committee member of CHOC.

Keemo Stories

Keemo Comes for a Check-Up was published in 2014. This is the 7th book in the series chartering Keemo’s journey from being diagnosed with cancer to being treated. Luckily, his cancer has gone into remission and now he is continuing with check-ups to make sure he remains healthy.


These easy-to-read and light-hearted stories help children understand the journey they will follow.

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Fun Download & Printable

Help Keemo find his way through the maze!

Watch Keemo’s Video

Keemo explains some of the early warning signs to watch out for.

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