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Newsclip is a proud sponsor of CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA. They assist us with media and PR monitoring on a pro bono basis, saving us administration costs while producing high quality media reporting on childhood cancer and CHOC awareness.

We are able to keep track of all PR generated across South Africa, throughout our six regions, two branches, the CHOC Cows (Fundraising arm of CHOC) and external fundraisers.

Newsclip also informs us when the brand is being compromised and used to promote or endorse companies and fundraising events without our permission.

We’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Newsclip for their generous support to assist us in our continued effort as the leading brand in childhood cancer and life threatening blood disorders in South Africa.

If your child is very sick

Publication: Move! Date; 03 August 2016 Page:54
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Standing Strong

Publication: True Love Date; 01 September 2016 Page:72
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Our journey with cancer

Publication: Dis-Chem Benefits, Mother & Child Date: 01 September 2016
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Upfront & personal

Publication: Bona (English)date: 01 October 2016  
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