We are proud to announce a significant stride in our mission to make a difference: CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA continues to embark on our renewable energy project for all our accommodation facilities. With unwavering dedication, we’re reducing our carbon footprint and illuminating the path toward a greener future.

A Home Away from Home

Situated close to specialised Paediatric Oncology Units, our accommodation facilities serve as a comforting refuge for children and teenagers undergoing treatment for childhood cancer or life-threatening blood disorders. These houses are more than just buildings; they are a home-away-from-home  to our families. Here, families find solace, support, and access to critical healthcare services that might otherwise be out of reach due to geographical or financial constraints.

Healing in a Therapeutic Environment

Within these walls, hope thrives. The therapeutic environment of CHOC houses fosters resilience and positivity during the challenging cancer journey. Patients and their parents or caregivers maintain a hopeful outlook, bolstered by the knowledge that they are not alone. Nutritious meals sustain them, and transportation to and from hospitals ensures access to vital treatments.  Lynette Muthuray “The installation of the solar systems at both CHOC Houses has made a tremendous difference in the day-to-day operations at the CHOC Houses.  Families who use medication that needs to be refrigerated are relieved as the electrical appliances remain on. The House staff does not need to charge lights but instead they can focus on the well – being of the families. Overall, it assists with the smooth running of the CHOC Houses”.

Solar Rays of Change

Thanks to the remarkable funding from the National Lotteries Commission (NLC) our Plumstead and Sybrand Park CHOC Houses have received solar valued at R446,000. This funding is more than just an investment in infrastructure; it’s an investment in hope, health, and well-being. Furthermore, it enables us to effectively deliver on our programs maintaining hygiene, safety, and nutritional care, reducing fears and anxieties experienced by beneficiaries during load-shedding.

Hedley Lewis, CHOC CEO expressed how grateful we are for the funds received and how we can start to filter the “going green” theme throughout CHOC. Hedley Lewis says “The money which will be saved from this system will be utilised within the house, bringing down our monthly running costs.” 

Together, We Shine Brighter

As we celebrate this milestone, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to National Lotteries Commission South Africa. Your commitment to our cause fuels our determination to create a brighter, healthier future for every child battling cancer.

Join us on this solar journey. Together, we can light up lives, one sunbeam at a time.

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