Platinum Life, as a foundational donor, has played a critical role in supporting the lives of children and teenagers throughout their challenging journeys being diagnosed with cancer or life-threatening blood disorders. Their contributions to CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa have made a significant impact, reaching thousands of patients and families.

A Message from CHOC’s CEO

“This year as CHOC turns 45, we would like to, on behalf of the patients and their families, extend our heartfelt gratitude to every client of Platinum Life who contributes to CHOC through this remarkable partnership,” said Hedley Lewis, CEO of CHOC. “Your generosity makes a profound difference in the lives of those facing these immense challenges.”


Our comprehensive support programmes, including psychological counselling, home-away-from-home accommodation facilities, nutritional support, and transportation assistance, have provided essential aid to those in need. Through their contributions, they have enabled CHOC to continue offering our comprehensive Support Programmes which encompass a range of essential services to our beneficiaries.

Psychosocial and Emotional Support

We understand that the emotional impact of cancer is immense. Our social workers walk alongside families from diagnosis through treatment, and even during the difficult moments of bereavement. We provide emotional support, ensuring that families feel heard and understood.

Practical Support

Our practical support extends beyond medical care. When a child is newly diagnosed, our social workers ensure they receive a Carebag filled with practical items. We also provide transportation assistance, ensuring regular treatment visits, whilst accommodation in our 13 facilities across the country offers a home-away-from-home for families during treatment.

Financial Bereavement Support

Families who have lost a child receive financial assistance during their grieving process. We recognize the immense challenges they face and aim to alleviate some of the burdens.

Post-Treatment Support

Survivors and their families cope with long-term effects after treatment. Our team assists with reintegration into society, helping them navigate life beyond cancer.

Advocacy and Awareness

CHOC advocates for childhood cancer causes both nationally and internationally. Our SILUAN Early Warning Signs awareness programme aims to increase early detection and diagnoses, ultimately improving survival rates. As an organisation, we strive to influence decision-makers to ensure comprehensive and adequate care for all children and teens with cancer or life-threatening blood disorders. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by these challenging conditions.


Platinum Life supports CHOC by donating a percentage of each premium collected on their cancer policies to the organisation monthly. One of the beneficiaries is Xichavo Mhanganiand this is his story:


My name is Xichavo Mhangani. I am a 19-year-old grade twelve student, as well as the head of a child-headed household. My mother passed away in 2018, when I was sixteen years old. A huge responsibility fell on my shoulders, I needed to take care of my two younger siblings, my nine-year-old brother and my twelve-year-old sister.


In 2020 I went to Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital’s hematology department to find out why I was not feeling well. After numerous tests and biopsies, the results showed that I have Osteosarcoma, also known as bone cancer. The day I was diagnosed I cried, but there was no one to comfort me. The diagnosis came as a shock to me. I felt so scared and totally alone. My uncle who lives in Venda wanted to take my two siblings to go live with my granny, but I refused because I want them to be with me—they are all I have. I believe myself to be an independent older brother, who can take care of them.

During my first year of treatment, when I was at my sickest, my sister took care of me and for that I want to thank her and tell her that I really love her. My school was wonderful and supportive and understood that I could not attend for the first six months of my treatment. I am now in Grade 12. Even though the treatments take a toll on me, I need to stay at home for at least a week after each treatment, I’m trying my best and I am working really hard to get distinctions in my subjects, to be able to study further.

Finding a Home at CHOC

When I started my treatment, I was told that I could stay in the CHOC house in Diepkloof. I was hesitant because it was extremely difficult to leave my brother and sister in the care of my neighbors but due to financial constraints I had no other choice. It was the best decision I ever made. Slowly but surely, I started to come to terms with my cancer diagnosis. The other children in the house became like a family to me. I could relate to them because they were going through the same journey as I was. The CHOC staff, especially Zotha, the house supervisor, and the social workers took me under their wing and took care of me, supporting me and looking after me as if I were their own child, and for that I want to thank them.

Future Aspirations

I am eternally grateful to CHOC’s social worker Lawrence, who ensured that I have all I need regarding transport money, food parcels for my siblings, emotional support when I needed it, and even a gift or two for special days. He walks an extra mile for me. I also want to thank all the doctors and nursing staff that are taking such good care of me. When I came to CHOC, I could not believe what a wonderful place it is. I want to say thank you to all CHOC’s donors. It is because of them that CHOC is able to help so many children and families. My siblings and I are an example of this. My dream is to become a chartered accountant, to be able to provide for my siblings to the best of my ability. I want my sister and little brother to be successful in life.

I’m grateful to everyone who is making this difficult journey so much easier. With the excellent care and support of the whole CHOC team, I feel so much better and I have hopes and a dream for a bright future.

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