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Let’s turn the world GOLD for childhood cancer awareness month!

Every child with cancer and their family deserves the opportunity to thrive, not just survive.

Show your support to our children and teenagers affected by cancer and turn your workplace GOLD this International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa.

Why the colour GOLD?

GOLD is the colour of strength, courage, and resiliency.

GOLD is the symbolic color of childhood cancer.

We implore on you to Be Bold and Go Gold in supporting our courageous and resilient children and teenagers who have no choice in fighting this battle of childhood cancer.

Ways that you can Go Gold with CHOC

Help CHOC create awareness around childhood cancer on social media.

Take part in the
CEO Challenge.

Purchase gold ribbons for your employees to wear during the month of September.

Ask CHOC to do a presentation to educate your employees on childhood cancer. 

Create awareness around childhood cancer

  • Share CHOC’s social media posts.
  • Post social media elements provided by CHOC on your company’s social media platforms.
  • Share the Siluan Early Warning Signs of childhood cancer on your employee communication platforms.
Suggested text for social media posts:

Let’s be a voice for our children and teenagers this International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

To learn the Early Warning Signs of childhood cancer, click here:

If you know of a child or teen, CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA is available to assist with the right process to refer a child.


Purchase Ribbons

Purchase ribbons for your employees to wear as a supporter of
childhood cancer this International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

CEO Challenge

We ask you to challenge your colleagues to add their voices and destigmatise childhood cancer, in your personal capacity and utilising the company’s platforms either internally or on social media, to help us spread simple but life changing messages. Record a one-minute video with your company background. An example of the video script:

e.g. “September is the month of childhood cancer. I, the CEO of (company name), challenge both my colleagues and the public to remember that (childhood cancer fact). If you know of a child or teenager that may have cancer, click the link to learn the Early Warning Signs of childhood cancer or visit”

CHOC Presentation

Let CHOC do a presentation to your employees to educate them on childhood cancer.

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Make a Donation

Make a donation to CHOC in remembrance of someone who lost the battle, is fighting the battle or in support of a superhero you may never know.

What can we give you to help your company Go Gold