In October 2003, my life took an unexpected turn when I received life-altering news about my 23-year-old son, Joel. He was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, and as a father, my world was shattered. Balancing emotions with the challenges we faced became crucial for Joel’s wellbeing.

My wife, Dashnee, our older child, Rhea, and I had to readjust our lives to accommodate the new normal. This included chemotherapy, lumbar punctures, hospital stays, and frequent visits to day clinics. Throughout it all, I strived to create a comfortable environment for our family. Though the pain was evident, we remained resilient, united by our unwavering focus on Joel’s treatment.

Joel, at the tender age of 4, underwent the treatment without any complications. We stayed strong, knowing that our primary goal was his recovery. After three years, he successfully completed his treatment. Fast forward to the present, Joel, now 23 years old, proudly graduated with a business science degree and completed his internship with Edward Snell in 2021.

Joel’s journey granted him a second chance at life, and he carries that gratitude with him always.

Eugene, CHOC Board Member

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