My name is Kungentando Khathi, I am 13 years of age from a small town called Berlin (Lingelistha) township. Berlin is about 21kms from East London. In 2023, my world was turned upside down when I was diagnosed with brain cancer in March 2023. The symptoms started with severe headaches which started during the night and would last 2 hours and then disappear. I would also experience seizures. These episodes were happening almost daily. After 2 weeks my grandmother and aunt decided to take me to Cecelia Makiwane Hospital, they took the blood and afterwards a scan was done. They quickly discovered that I had something unusual in my brain. I was then taken to the Frere Hospital.  In September, I started treatment but unfortunately as I was getting better; I also lost my eyesight. I was a very active child, love soccer and rugby. I loved playing with my siblings and going to school. I cried for days because I could see anything, the clothes that I was wearing, my friends, my family. I was depending on people to take me everywhere.  I hated that and I still do.

I eventually had to get used to this new life. At the hospital the nurses are so friendly and continue to show support. I then came to the CHOC house in February where I really experienced so much joy. I made new friends. I could move freely on my own and enjoy the daily trips to the hospital in the CHOC cow vehicle. Saturday the 22nd of April 2023 was the best day of my life. I was told by sisi Portia that I was going to Aquarium to see all sorts of sea animals and the different kinds of fish. I had never been to this type of place before. We arrived at 11am and were welcomed by the staff, who had prepared a fun tour for us. I was able to touch the penguins and feed the pelicans. We were informed about the sea life, the different fish and what they eat. We were also told about the impact of litter on sea life.  I really enjoyed listening to the seals make noise while being fed. I was also able to touch the shell of a sea turtle.

I would like to thank the CHOC staff members for this outing. I have memories that I will never forget. I have a positive outlook on life and look forward to the next outing.

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