Welcoming CHOC’s new Chief Executive Officer, Hedley Lewis

CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA eagerly welcomed our new Chief Executive Officer, Hedley Lewis, to the team in June 2021.

Hedley, with his vast experience in the field of fundraising, has been the Chief Executive Officer of The Smile Foundation for 10 years. He is known for his extensive influence in management, development, and upbringing of strategic opportunities. Hedley left Vodacom and the corporate world to make a difference in the lives of South Africa’s underprivileged children where his journey with The Smile Foundation began.

“Vodacom gave me the opportunity to shoot for the stars and learn from some of this country’s finest leaders, starting in the finance department and then working with the Managing Directors office within the loyalty programs department. During my tenure at Vodacom, I received the Managing Directors’ award” says Hedley.

Adventures as the CEO of CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA

Hedley recently visited a few of our CHOC houses –  the Northern region, and the Saxonwold home – which was the first of the CHOC houses. He shares, “This home in the heart of Johannesburg has the love and warmth of a very special home. Walking through the rooms of the home I could feel the love and care that permeates the atmosphere.”

CHOC July Norther Region

Welcoming a brand new vehicle into the CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA Transport Programme

“World Sports Betting generously donated a new quantum to our Gauteng South Region, which is greatly appreciated! This vehicle will transport children from the CHOC house to the hospital daily. For the financial year 2019 – 2020 CHOC was able to assist 847 people through our Transport Programme nationally. In addition to this we also assist families with transport funds. These funds are imperative as we often see children abandon treatment due to lack of transport, or in some cases, transport funds. CHOC’s transport programme relieves the financial burden, particularly in the case of low-income families who live far from treatment centres.  

In the last financial year CHOC was able to provide R635,475 in transport assistance all thanks to our generous donors!”

Hedley is a family man and we know that he will fit into the CHOC team perfectly. We’re excited to see Hedley apply his experience and knowledge to help grow CHOC further and create more awareness for children and teenagers who are fighting childhood cancer. 

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