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CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation has partnered with Emergent Energy to pioneer and offer the first of its kind Charity Rooftop Rentals.   Donate your Roof is an innovative programme aimed at unlocking CSI budgets.  Not only can you bring a solution to South Africa’s energy crisis but you can support CHOC and make a difference in the lives of children and teenagers living with cancer and their families.

How about donating your company’s roof?

If you have roof space, we ask you to consider donating your roof space to our cause.

How does it work?

  1. As a company owner, you can lease your roof to generate and consume solar energy at no cost.  In doing so, you reduce the company’s carbon footprint and green your activity.
  2. Emergent Energy finances, designs and install the Solar PV system.
  3. Emergent Energy pays rental fee to the roof owner.
  4. The rental fee is donated back to CHOC.

To find out more information, visit

To sign up, complete the contact form on or email [email protected].

Benefits for the partnering organisation:

  • No investment required
  • No risks
  • Tax-deductible donation (Section 18A)
  • Reduce your Carbon Tax bill
  • Earn BEE points
  • Enjoy multiple Public Relation benefits
  • Pioneer a new Corporate Social Responsibility model

We value all of your support. To find out more about ways in which you can support CHOC, visit our website.

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