A Different Kind of Isolation | CHOC Survivor Parent Story

A different type of Isolation

A Different Kind of Isolation | CHOC Survivor Parent Story

In isolation yet again, but this time with the whole world having a greater understanding of what it’s like to live with an ever-present uncertainty, panic and fear. Seth (7) fought Leukemia for 3 years (a cancer of the white blood cells, which are the cells that help fight infection), completing his treatment 8 months ago.

What many people don’t know is that post-chemo, the body’s immune system is still repairing itself. Vaccinations which are the most important tool to prevent infectious diseases, may also have their  efficacy impacted due to chemotherapy; which is an induced immune suppressor. This paints a pretty scary picture with the introduction of COVID-19, and more so for those still in the fight. Many children are severely at risk with the need to still receive treatment within environments that present possible exposure, and with the limitations of lockdown, the necessary support and care to children, teens and families in need is also compromised.

From our family to yours, we appeal to you to please open your hearts and support CHOC Childhood Cancer foundation so they can continue to offer their life saving services; including the psychosocial support required in an ever changing and emotional climate. #StayHome.

Melissa Kruger

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