CHOC Mental Health Isolation Blog

Your Mental Health Matters – even more so during Isolation

CHOC Mental Health Isolation Blog

Having a child diagnosed with and treated for cancer sends one on an emotional roller coaster of uncertainty, fear, and anxiety – to mention a few.

The announcement of the national lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic may have created additional stress for your already challenging situation.

If you, or someone you know of, is affected by childhood cancer and in need psychosocial or practical support, please know that CHOC is here for you.

You may be experiencing some of the situations below that could be adding to your stresses and emotions. If you are, it may be a good idea to speak about it to off-load and de-stress.

  • You are already concerned for your child’s well-being and vulnerability and the increased risk of the coronavirus;
  • The uncertain global and national economic situation and its impact on your personal financial circumstances;
  • The isolation you find yourself in as a family because of the lockdown limits access to your normal support structures, increasing your vulnerability for mental health difficulties;
  • Children intuitively feel the stresses their parents carry, and it may be difficult for you to know how to communicate with them to alleviate their fears;
  • It is normal for these to add stress to your close relationships.

The above are but a few of the difficulties the COVID-19 situation places families in. You do not have to carry this on your own…CHOC social workers are here for you.

Request Support from CHOC’s Social Workers

Please click here and complete the form.

One of our CHOC social workers will be in contact with you to see how we can provide assistance or make an appropriate referral. Please also share with any families you know of who are affected by childhood cancer who may need assistance.

At CHOC we aim to provide the best possible support for children with cancer and life-threatening blood disorders, and their families.

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