A Journey of Courage and Resilience

Glory Nanungu’s Story

Glory’s childhood was marked by curiosity and determination. As she recalls, “I have always been an intelligent, healthy, and extroverted child who enjoys meeting new people.” Her zest for life and love for learning set her apart from an early age.

Family First: Family is at the core of Glory’s world. Her father, strict but supportive, guides her through schoolwork, while her fun-loving mother engages in playful moments with Glory and her siblings. Their bond is unbreakable — a source of strength during both ordinary days and unforeseen challenges.

A Painful Discovery: In January 2022, Glory’s life took an unexpected turn. Excruciating stomach pain led her to the hospital, where scans revealed a lump in her kidneys.

Surgery became inevitable. The tumour grew rapidly, causing discomfort akin to pregnancy. But Glory’s resilience shone through.

A Battle Begins: June 2022 brought both relief and heartache. Successful surgery removed the tumour, yet the doctor delivered the bad news: traces of cancer cells were found in Glory’s kidney, lungs, and liver. The path ahead was daunting — chemotherapy and radiation awaited her.

“My mother cried every day,” recalls Glory. “But I had faith in the doctors. They worked tirelessly to restore my health.” Her unwavering spirit became a beacon of hope for her family.

A Safe Haven: Glory’s journey led her to the CHOC House, a sanctuary for children battling cancer and blood-related disorders. Here, she found solace — a place that felt like home. Welcoming staff, a comfortable bed, nourishing meals, and camaraderie with fellow families eased her burden.

“My arrival at the CHOC House was very pleasant,” says Glory. “I knew I wasn’t alone in this fight”.

A Dream Unfolds: Despite her trials, Glory remains steadfast. As a library prefect in school, she immerses herself in books, dreaming of a future where she can make a difference. Her aspiration? To become a doctor — one who heals, comforts, and brings hope to others.

Glory Nanungu’s story reminds us that courage knows no bounds. In the face of adversity, she stands tall, a testament to resilience and the power of community. Let us rally behind her, celebrating her journey and believing in brighter tomorrow.

Glory’s journey continues, and we are honored to share it with you.

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International Childhood Cancer Day

15 February 2024

International Childhood Cancer Day also known as ICCD, is a global collaborative campaign to raise awareness about childhood cancer.
CHOC was honoured to have been involved in a joint Press Release, written by The Department of Health in collaboration with SAAPHO, and the World Health Organization (WHO).
The National Department of Health (NDoH) urges health care workers and communities to be aware of the SILUAN Early Warning Signs for Childhood Cancer. This will allow for early detection and effective management of childhood cancers which will result in better outcomes.
Read our joint press release here

The ICCD theme for the next 3 years is Addressing Challenges of childhood cancer.

  • 2024 Unveiling the challenges,
  • 2025 Inspiring action,
  • 2026 Demonstrating impact.

2024 is about the collection of challenges and inequalities encountered by those navigating the complex childhood cancer landscape in South Africa.

We are honoured to listen to the Heads of Paediatric Oncology Units in SA as they share their challenges in their regions with us. During the year we will keep this theme top of mind as we advocate for children and teenagers who have been diagnosed with childhood cancer to keep more than hope alive. We call on you to share your challenges and be a voice for childhood cancer.

Watch our ICCD video here


A Moosive Midmar Mile Thank you!

Ten years of The Cows at MidMar

The annual aQuelle 8-mile charity event consistently outdoes itself, thanks to our incredible team of swimmers—the CHOC Cows—who participate as a united herd. These dedicated swimmers come from all corners of the country, aiming to enjoy two days of camaraderie while raising funds.

The 8-mile swim is no small feat; it demands resilience and determination. Yet, amidst the physical strain, not a single complaint is heard. Some swimmers even go beyond the charity event, swimming an additional 8 miles. A special mention goes to Jason Raath, who dons a cow suit, races to the starting line, swims the distance, and then repeats the entire process.

Our youngest swimmer, Nthoesane Siyazingca, proudly represented CHOC. Jayde Fouche, our national CHOC Daisy, and Iris Varty, our Durbs Daisy, also participate. Jayde’s dedication during Georgina Bains’ birthday week touched our hearts. The CHOC Cows embody a passion for children with cancer, and we’re honored to have Jo-Anne Barnard, an Accountant and top fundraiser, swimming for CHOC. Over the years, Jo-Anne has raised an impressive R800,000 for this cause.

Each swimmer radiated goodness and kindness, channelling their love for open water events to raise awareness for children battling cancer. We take immense pride in our CHOC Cows and appreciate their unwavering support

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If you would like to join any sporting events for CHOC click here to email Daisy

Nutrition Week

How can you get involved

Did you know that Nutrition Week is celebrated each year during March, and focuses on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits. 

Food parcels form part of CHOC’s support programmes. It is a temporary provision of assistance for families in a desperate situation who cannot provide for their family’s basic needs. 

A CHOC recommended food parcel makes provision for weekly / monthly meals for a family as a form of “social relief of distress”. It is recommended by and based on the psychosocial assessment of a social worker / counsellor / social auxiliary worker. 

In some cases, food vouchers are distributed instead of food parcels.


Food parcels are also distinguished from food donations which are handed out to children, teens, and families in the form of e.g., packed lunches (“padkos”). 

In the 2022 – 2023 Financial year 986 people benefitted from these packed meals.
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Awareness Update

How can you get involved

We’re thrilled to share the success of our recent two-day training workshop held on February 13-14 for managers across various departments within the Northwest Department of Health. This event attracted 26 managers from diverse divisions and subdistricts within the Bojanala Department of Health, including cluster managers, School Health Nurses, Regional Training Centre managers, District Pediatricians, Local Area Managers, Outreach Teams Managers, and more.

During the workshop, a consensus emerged regarding the inclusion of Early Warning Signs of Childhood Cancer in the IMCI manual in Gauteng. It was unanimously agreed that the template could significantly aid Northwest Province in preventing the oversight of children who may be at risk of cancer.

Following the workshop, our efforts extended to a targeted training initiative aimed at Community Health Workers across the subdistricts in Bojanala. Led by our dedicated CHOC Community Trainers, Sylvia Mdluli (a retired Peadiatric Oncology Nurse) and Zukiswa Mukwevho (a Childhood Cancer Survivor), we successfully reached 204 Community Health Workers in four subdistricts. Notably, this is just the beginning, as there are a total of 1200 Community Health Workers in the district. We are grateful for the commitment of their managers to ensure that all workers receive training on the SILUAN Early Warning Signs of Childhood Cancer.

This collaborative endeavor underscores our shared dedication to improving healthcare outcomes and ensuring the well-being of children in the Northwest Province.

Together, we can make a significant impact in identifying and addressing childhood cancer early on.

If you would like to become a volunteer trainer for CHOC please contact Rila Mabasa on 011 326 1717

Stay tuned as we take all that small change given to make a big difference! It has been an extraordinary year, and we’re eagerly anticipating sharing our achievements with you

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