International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

As we celebrate International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month this September, we are thrilled to share our latest press release that highlights our commitment to making a difference in the lives of children and teenagers diagnosed with cancer and their families.
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​​​​​​At CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA, we firmly believe that knowledge is power, and awareness is the first step towards change. This month, as we shine a spotlight on the brave young hearts diagnosed with cancer, we invite you to read our latest press release written by The Department of Health South Africa in collaboration with various local and international stakeholders including CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa and the World Health Organization (WHO).


Join us in raising awareness and making a difference. We encourage you to #GiveSomeHope by sharing our press release with your network, engaging in discussions about childhood cancer, and let's work together to ensure a brighter future for these young survivors.

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It takes a community
Bandile, and her mother, Dudu, made a heartfelt journey to the CHOC House on 27 March 2023, all the way from Vrede, a town nestled in the Eastern Free State, 400 kilometres from Bloemfontein. Their purpose was to seek medical evaluation for Bandile, who exhibited worrisome signs hinting at a potential brain tumour. Little did they know that both the hospital and CHOC House Bloemfontein would become their sanctuary for the coming months.

In April, a definitive diagnosis was finally reached, and treatment commenced. Sadly, Bandile's battle with cancer proved to be exceptionally fierce, despite the dedicated efforts of the medical team.
In Vrede, a group of devoted volunteers had rallied together, pledging unwavering support for patients and families navigating the daunting path of cancer. We reached out to them to share Bandile's story, and they wholeheartedly stepped in to assist the family. They provided crucial airtime, enabling Dudu to stay connected with her three children she had left behind while accompanying Bandile.

During this trying period, Dudu also lost her job, and the volunteers extended a helping hand by providing essential food supplies for her children back home. They organised a toiletry drive for CHOC House Bloemfontein and collected warm clothing not only for Bandile and Dudu but also for the families residing at the CHOC House.

Regrettably, Bandile's prognosis remained bleak, and with the invaluable guidance of our compassionate social worker, Maria, the decision was made to reunite Bandile with her family in Vrede. Upon their return, the volunteers promptly offered their support once more, ensuring that Bandile's needs for necessities like diapers and Ensure were met. They maintained regular visits to the family, keeping both Sonet (CHOC Regional Manager) and Maria informed.

The heartbreaking news reached us that Bandile had passed away. In hindsight, as a team, we had the privilege of showering her with love and support, even sharing in the celebration of her 9th birthday. The communities of Vrede and CHOC came together during this challenging time, demonstrating the power of unity, support, and love when it was needed most.
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#GiveSomeHope Free Webinar
Join CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA this International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month as we engage with some of the most inspirational voices to #GiveSomeHope.

Guest Speaker is Musa Motha, born and raised in Johannesburg, Musa's life took an unexpected turn when he was diagnosed with bone cancer at the tender age of 11. Despite facing a challenging journey that led to the amputation of his left leg, Musa's passion for soccer and an unyielding spirit guided him towards an even more profound discovery – the art of dance. In 2023, Musa achieved a historic moment on Britain's Got Talent by receiving the first-ever group Golden Buzzer. Unanimously impressed, all the judges pressed the buzzer, propelling him straight through to the live shows.

With unwavering determination, Musa pursued his newfound passion, and today, he stands as an internationally acclaimed and award-winning performer, an inspiration to countless individuals who have been touched by his story. 

Watch Musa's Golden Buzzer moment here.

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Famous Brands Coffee Company, Giving back never tasted so good!

Famous Brands Coffee Company recently announced their "Sustainable Giving Initiative" with five amazing child focused charities, CHOC being one of them!

Since they believe children are our future and every child deserves respect, love and care, they have partnered with five organisations that support children in so many different ways.

Famous Brands Coffee Company will be donating part of the proceeds of every bag of Loba Coffee sold, and so every time you buy one, you’ll be helping to improve the rights, wellbeing, health and education of children in need.

Join us in making a difference to your coffee enjoyment, and in the lives of the many children these organisations support. Enjoy selecting your Loba Coffee here.

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