June 7 is International Cancer Survivors Day.

On this day, we remember those who have lost their battle, celebrate those who have survived, inspire the recently diagnosed, support families and reach out to the communities.

Your survival isn’t just a personal victory – you are a true inspiration to millions of people who are hoping to beat the odds and come out stronger.

CHOC continues our mission to stand up for and support the well-being of children and teenagers diagnosed with cancer or life threatening blood disorders, and their families.

We invite you to join us in continuing the celebration of International Cancer Survivors Day, and keep more than hope alive, together. We do this through raising funds to mobilise our support programmes, which include:


CHOC has 13 home-away-from-home accommodation facilities close to the specialised treatment centres across South Africa to accommodate out-of-town patients and a parent/caregiver during the lengthy cancer treatment phase.

Practical Support

CHOC offers basic necessities such as Carebags, nutritional support (food parcels) and bereavement support the children and their families.

Emotional Support

We offer professional emotional support from the CHOC Psychosocial team, and non-professional emotional support through various support groups.


We often see children abandon treatment due to lack of transport, or in some cases, transport funds. CHOC’s transport programme relieves the financial burden, particularly in the case of low-income families who live far from treatment centres. We offer transportation through a fleet of CHOC vehicles and transport finance assistance to ensure that children complete their treatment cycle.

Awareness & Education

The CHOC awareness and education programme aims to train healthcare professionals, healthcare workers, traditional practitioners, and community advocates to identify the early warning signs of childhood cancer and to follow the correct referral pathways for childhood cancer.

Advocacy & Collaboration

In order to address the main challenges facing childhood cancer in South Africa – mainly a lack of awareness of childhood cancer resulting in late or non-diagnosis as well as insufficient resources allocated to fighting childhood cancer – CHOC has a nationwide and comprehensive collaboration and advocacy campaign.

Survivor Story:

Danielle Booysen Inspiring Others

Due to Covid-19, 19 year old Danielle Booysen from Paarl won’t be able to return to school, when schools re-open soon. Danielle Booysen was diagnosed with cancer of the lymph nodes when she was only four years old and Doctors told her mother that they don’t think that she will survive the disease. But when she turned 12 years old she was in remission of the disease.

On 07 June 2020 Danielle participated in the Childhood Cancer Foundation’s (CHOC), 5 kilometer run/walk from their homes, during lockdown. It was in aid of National Cancer Survivors Day. Various survivors of this illness took part in this event to raise awareness on childhood cancer.

Danielle explained that it was not easy living with the illness. “As long as I can remember since the age of 4 years of age I was always in a hospital. But during this time I also stayed at the CHOC Lodge Tygerberg  on the premises of Tygerberg Hospital which were great, because it was like a home, away from home. Staying there I enjoyed the swings they had in the yard and we could play outside. Every time I went to hospital, I stayed at the CHOC Lodge. It was really great. This is why I took part in the CHOC Western Cape run/walk on 07 June 2020.

Danielle is currently doing her Grade 12 at La Rochelle High School in Paarl and her hobbies are writing, singing, modelling, participating in charity work and making inspirational videos about her journey and posting this on social media. Danielle is currently a finalist in the Miss Paarl Beauty Pageant as well as in the Miss Teenager South Africa Pageant. She has also been a Facilitator for the Just Footprints  Foundation on their annual Cape Town  camps for children diagnosed with cancer who are treated at the Academic Hospitals here in Cape Town. Just Footprints Foundation (JFF) meets the needs of children with serious health and life challenges and disabilities. It does so through unique outdoor camping experiences which provide intentional learning and play for these children.

“Due to COVID 19, I won’t be able to go back to school, because of my compromised immune system and that I am at high risk for infections. It was only later in my life that I went back to school and I loved every day of it. Lynette Muthuray CHOC Western Cape and Namaqua Regional Manager, said that Danielle is a true inspiration to many other young people who are on the journey and even in the midst of difficulty she remains positive and perseveres.

How to get involved:


We’ve made it easier than ever to donate to CHOC with a simple, secure online donation system.

Here are a list of ways you can donate to choc: https://choc.org.za/donate-to-choc/

The Hope Network

Join a group of driven, compassionate and influential people who are creating awareness and conversation around CHOC and Childhood Cancer, ensuring that the organisation remains sustainable.

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CHOC relies on the time, expertise and help from its volunteers. To become a volunteer, email us on  [email protected] or visit https://choc.org.za/support-choc/  and download the volunteer application form.

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Contact us to find out more about getting involved with CHOC, or to request more information.

To find out more about how CHOC supports children and teens with cancer, and their families, visit https://choc.org.za/choc-programmes-we-offer/

To get involved with CHOC, visit https://choc.org.za/support-choc/

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