IQbusiness / CHOC Partnership - Online Education Accelerator

IQbusiness, one of South Africa’s leading independent management consulting organisations, is partnering with CHOC and showing their support to our organisation by donating a portion of the fees received from their Online Education Accelerator initiative.

About the Online Education Accelerator

More than ever before, the world is searching for remote schooling enablement. IQbusiness can support your school and teaching from home needs, empowering educators and families across all age groups and educational levels, to adapt to the best online practices, and set-up for a meaningful learning experience – away from the classroom.

Teaching through a home setup requires a different approach to teaching at school. As such IQbusiness has established a temporary hub of information and tools on Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams for Education, and Seesaw – their supported platforms: to help students, teachers and parents adjust to remote learning, together.

Adapted solutions for schools include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Digital citizenship and safety
  • Strategic workshops (planning for the future)
  • Online learning platform catalogue
    • Information library
    • Access to support
    • Online video tutorials
    • Access to training
  • Online learning handbooks – teachers, students, and parents
    • Online etiquette
    • Online learning tips and traps
    • Online learning FAQs
  • Online learning beyond the classroom

Online Safety

To make the most of the internet and online learning experience, students need to be prepared to make smart decisions. As such, IQbusiness promotes online safety and provides guidelines to teach students and families the fundamentals of digital citizenship and safety, so they can explore the online world with confidence.

IQbusiness can assist in creating a hybrid model for teaching at home as well as in the classroom, and explore the opportunities, to expand beyond the classroom into:

  • Homework
  • Extra lessons
  • Holiday programmes
  • Absent learners
  • Projects and assignments
  • eBook libraries
  • Parent / teacher conferencing
  • Hybrid modelling
  • Surveys and polls

Empowering Teachers

Teachers’ training is fundamental to the success of digital transformation in schools. IQbusiness guides and encourages teachers to join online professional learning communities to ask questions and share tips with colleagues, staying connected and animating the common goal of creating an evolved, high-quality standard of education.

To find out more about IQbusiness’ Online Education Accelerator, email [email protected]

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