CHOC is so grateful to have ambassadors and parents of children with cancer who connect us to fundraising opportunities. One such person is Carol Sacke from KZN. As soon as we were informed of the closing date the CHOC team got together and sent in our application for consideration as charity of choice. There was great celebration when in CHOC was chosen as a charity of choice in this prestigious event that draws runners from all over the world for the next five years?.

It was with great excitement that we planned for Comrades 2018.  #Asijiki no turning back became our motto as well . The runners visiting the exhibitions were so obliging in supporting our cause at both Comrades House in Pietermaritzburg and at the Durban Exhibition Centre in Durban. To ensure the actual day was a success we invited eager volunteers to be part of our team. Chas Everitt in KZN partnered with us and we’re so grateful to them for taking care of the CHOC Team and volunteers. From all the feedback we received it was an amazing day and we thank the Comrades Committee for giving CHOC the opportunity of a lifetime. See you in 2019.

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